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Leucojum Aestivum

Leucojum Aestivum

Leucojum Aestivum
Manufacturer: JUB Holland
Product code: 310650
Availability: Unavailable
Quantity in a package:10

Leucojum Aestivum 10 bulbs

Use: Plant in groups in beds and perennial borders; also suitable for pots

Excellent cut flowers.

Position: Full Sunshine, protected from strong wind.

Type of soil: All types of soil are suitable.

Planting: September – December

Flowering: April-May

Leucojum Aestivum is also called summer snow or pond, it is a grassy, ​​decorative plant, with a higher waist and larger flowers, and more in number than snowdrops.

Water required: water regularly taking care that the water is well drained.

Light needed: place the plant in bright places.

Fertilization required: apply fertilizer twice a month during the vegetation period, interrupt during the rest period.


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