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Micro Greens Red Beet

Micro Greens Red Beet

Micro Greens Red Beet
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Micro Greens Red Beet 15 grams

Seeds for growing young leaflets – micro-greens. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and chlorophyll. They are appreciated for high nutritional value, enhancing good health, promoting digestion, metabolism and activating the whole body activity. It is argued that the use of greens has a beneficial effect on human health and protects against degenerative diseases of aging.
Beet leaves can be used fresh, as well as dried, eaten alone, mixed in salads, used in the production of green smoothies.
Seeds are sown all year round to seeding boxes or shallow polymer boxes – they require light, heat, loose and fertile substrate. One day before seeding these seeds should be soaked in water to accelerate the termination.


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