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Rhubarb Holsteiner Blut

Rhubarb Holsteiner Blut

Rhubarb Holsteiner Blut
Manufacturer: JUB Holland
Product code: 129500
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Rhubarb Holsteiner Blut 1 pc

Cultivation: All types of soil, in sunny areas

Planting: February-March

Harvest: July-August

Rhubarb is rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamins (especially vitamin C) and has few calories, only 16 Kcal per 100g petiole.

In medicine, it is recommended for the treatment of anemia, it is digestive and anti-inflammatory.

The sweet and sour taste recommends it for compotes, jams and juices, but also in other culinary recipes.


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